Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello, and welcome to my blog. It's all about wedgies! Whether you like them or not, but I do! I don't really know why, but I do! If you like them as well, please comment. If you don't, then please don't leave any mean comments. If you like to give me a self wedgie dare, then here are your choices:
Type of underwear:
Grannypanties (These are the REALLY big kind)
Small wedgie giving panties
Place: Bathroom
I MAY be able to do it in other rooms, but only when I'm home alone, like today, Oct. 8th, 2010. I will only post on days like today, so you know when you can do those types of wedgies.
Here are the types or wedgie with descriptions:
Atomic Wedgie Underwear has to go over the head (or until underwear rips).

Backward Wedgie Wedgie with Underwear on backwards.

Bangkok Wedgie The victim is first given a Wedgie and then kicked in the crotch - oooh thats gotta hurt.

Banana Wedgie A banana is put in the back of underwear

Blast Wedgie This is where you and a friend sneak outside. Make your victim strip down to nothing but their underwear. Then wedgie them and shoot them with a hose. Submitted by Bshep

Bondage Buddy Wedgie This is a variation on the Double Self Wedgie where the two victims stand facing each other they then reach around one anothers waste and their hands are handcuffed or tied through the back of the other persons underwear. If they then move their arms for any reason - like trying to escape they will give each other a wedgie. A good way to do this is to tie the handcuff keys to their hair.
Bra Connection Wedgie The victim is first given a Wedgie and then their bra is undone and re-attached through the legholes so that they are given a wedgie by their own bra!
Bra Wedgie Rather than grabbing and pulling panties the bra is pulled instead

Breakfast Wedgie The victim first has their underwear filled with cereal, then milk is poured down their underwear ,then they are given a wedgie. Submitted by Kelsey

Bunk Wedgie If the victim has bunk beds and is on the bottom bunk asleep, you slip rope through their underwear, then carefully (to avoid waking them) you run the rope through the wooden boards up to the top bunk, then down the boards on the other sides of them. Creep down to the bottom bunk, grab the ends of the rope, and yank them. They will lift into the air, and be easier to lift because the boards act as pulleys. Get them as high as you want, and tie the ropes to something to keep them up. Their reaction will be to die for, because they won't be awake until you yank.

Cameltoe Pulling a girls panties tight at the front so that they look like a cameltoe

Centri-fugal Wedgie The victim is spun round by their underwear like an olympic hammer thrower - the faster they are spun the worse the wedgie because of the centri-fugal forces

Chilly Wedgie Crushed Ice or snow is put in the front or back of the underwear and person is wedgied until it melts. Don't put too much in maybe 1/2 a cup

Coat Hook Wedgie Another group wedgie. This may be done with two or more people if no more than three people can be found that are willing to help out. The person is wedgied and then left to hang by their elastic on a coat hook.
Conga Wedgie This needs a group of people who are all standing in a line or a circle like a conga. Ideally they should go boy, girl, boy, girl etc. Each person takes hold of the person in fronts underwear and on the shout of 3,2,1,Wedgie! everyone gets a wedgie at once. (doing the conga song after is optional). This was common for a while in French nightclubs when they had a song about thongs and wedgies in the french charts - I don't know what the song was called but if anyone out there does you can email me and collect your prize :)

Copy Wedgie The victim is stripped down to underwear and their hands and legs are tied up. Then the victim is given huge wedgie up to and over their shoulders. They are then lifted onto a photo copier (if you want, write their name on their butt cheeks) then hold them down and make as many copies as you need. Submitted by Wedgie1

Creamer Wedgie Underwear is filled with shaving Cream or whipped cream.

Dangling Wedgie Feet just barely touching the ground.
Death Fall Wedgie This works where there is a place someone can fall, such as on a dock, or a couch. This happened to me on a dock. I was standing there and all of a sudden my friend goes, "holy crap look at this fish, its frikkin huge!" So, naturally, being curious, I walk over to the edge. Big mistake, he grabs the back of my briefs and pushes me, with my toes just barely on the dock and me leaning way over! Then he let me go and I fall. Submitted by infinawedge.

Double Pull Wedgie One person pulls on the underwear one on the legs. See also Rowing Wedgie.

Double Self-Wedgie Two people stand facing each other with their stomachs touching. They both reach around the other person and wedgie them. This is really fun to do. Submitted by Goofy974

Dragging Wedgie Person must lie down and be dragged around by underwear

Egg Wedgie An egg is put in the underwear and the victim wedgied until it cracks - its actually amazing how hard the wedgie has to be before the egg cracks

Elevator Wedgie An elevator wedgie is when you take someone's underwear, have someone hold them down, go in the elevator with the victim's underwear, and go up. Ouch!!

Exchange Wedgie The person up now and the person after them switch Underwear and wedgie each other. This counts for both peoples turn.

Fireman's Carry Wedgie My frriend and me would wrestle and he would sometimes pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. While I was there, I had a perfect shot at his briefs. As soon as I would grab, hold and start wedgieing he would start let me down. This continued and then when I would start to give me a wedgie on my way down. I worked it out so that as he started to let me down and give me a wedgie, I would hold on really tight to his briefs so we were both getting a wedgie at the same time. Submitted by TJ

Flag Pole Wedgie This is where the rope for the flag is run through the receiver's underpants and is raise us up the pole. Ouch!! Submitted by Matt

Fork-lift Wedgie Two or three people grab the victim's underwear and lift them several feet off the ground.

Front and Back Wedgie Melvin and wedgie at the same time.

Frontal Atomic Swirl Wedgie The victim is given an atomic wedgie in the front, and is then spun around by his underwear up to eight inches off the ground.

Frontal Wedgie Exactly the opposite of the Wedgie. This time you grab the victim's underwear in the front and pull. Also called a Melvin.

Frosty Wedgie Underwear is soaked in water and then frozen person is then given wedgie until thawed. It would be best to have a pair of underwear already frozen before starting the game

Gang Wedgie Wedgie given by a group of people

Gift Wrap Wedgie The receiver need to be wearing the largest size underwear available. They are given a wedgie on all sides until the waist band is at the top of their head, where the underwear is tied, making the person a kind of gift wrapped package. Submitted by Goofy974
Hanging Wedgie A wedgie where the victim is hung completely off the ground by just their underwear.

High Hanging Wedgie Give someone a HIGH hanging wedgie and make sure their blindfolded. Were talking high! Then put a big trampoline under him to break their fall; but the thing is, you spread a whole bunch of shaving cream all over the trampoline so when they fall -either the underwear rips or you cut the rope- they fall thinking they will hit hard ground but hit a very bounce yet VERY messy surface. Its happened to me, and its fun I have also seen it; it is one of the funniest to watch. Submitted by ChrisTheDirtyDog

IcyHot Wedgie A wedgie with icyhot, tiger balm, bengay or deepheat down the underwear

Itchy Wedgie A Wedgie with itching powder down the underwear

Jet Ski Wedgie This is another underwater wedgie. The person's bathing suit is grabbed and the person is dragged around as if they were a Jet Ski skimming over the water.

Jock lock Wedgie This is difficult to explain so I've made a little guide - how to peform a Jock Lock Wedgie

Journalist Wedgie The victim is given a wedgie and made to type what is happening at the same time, if they stop typing their underwear should be yanked.

Kangaroo Wedgie The person being wedgied is bounced up and down

Japanese for wedgie (literally meaning "to dent") - a big craze in Japan - tends to focus on pulling the underwear up at both the front and back and then kind of "flossing" with it.

Love Wedgie Any wedgie that is done so that it feels good - usually slowly and gently
Melvin Grab underwear from the front and pull up.
Messy Wedgie A Wedgie with any kind of unusual substance down the victims underwear. See Banana Wedgie, Creamer Wedgie, Chilly Wedgie etc.

MuddyBuddy A handful of mud is put down the front and back of the underwear.

Nature Wedgie Remove the pants and shirt of the person being wedgied. Then put rocks, pine cones, pine needles, grass, and bugs in their underwear and hang on a branch until their underwear rips. Submitted by castorombie
Necklace Wedgie Where the victim is given a wedgie and the person or persons giving the wedgie put their heads though the legholes

Opposite Wedgie Wedgie in a type of underwear other than those you have on now.

Outdoor Wedgie Person must be given dangling wedgie for five minutes (Ten at night) person picks where if it is in a garage the door must be open.

Pantsing Wedgie This is a way to give a wedgie, first pants your victim then as they bend down to grab their trousers give them a wedgie. If you want to be extra evil step on their trousers so they can't pull them back up.

Permanent Wedgie Pull your underwear into a wedgie/Melvin. Then take a thin piece of rope (laces work well) which can be concealed under you clothes, and loop it through the legholes in the back. Take the two ends up over you shoulders and tie them together through the legholes in the front. Now put on you clothes and have a wonderfully painful wedgie day. Submitted by Wedgiequeen.

Piledriver Wedgie The piledriver wedgie is when someone is bent at the waist and has his or her head put between someone's thighs. They receive a wedgie as the person pulls the underwear towards them. Submitted by Goofy974

Pocket Wedgie This is a replacement for the Arm-Leg Connection. Victim is given an all-round wedgie. Then a belt is tightened so that the underwear stays that way. Arms are then put through the leg loops and over the pants and into the pockets. Victim's arms are then tied to the body so that they cannot escape. Submitted by Lucus.

Propeller Wedgie Coming Soon - request a dare to get this wedgie Wedgie Dares
Rodeo Wedgie The victim must first be on all fours. They are then given a wedgie and then someone put their legs through the legholes and then sits on their back. The rider should then spank the victims ass until they buck like a horse.

Rowing Wedgie Coming Soon

Sash Wedgie 1st, you need a rope, or strong belt. Bring the rope through the legholes of the underwear, and then take the end on the right over your right shoulder, the left end under your left armpit, and tie the two ends together, TIGHTLY. If this is done correctly, you should already have a wedgie, which will tighten as you bend forward, and loosen as you bend back... when tired of the wedgie, just untie the rope, its as simple as that. Submitted by Andyman287

Scarecrow Wedgie A scarecrow wedgie is where you take a broom handle or something similar and thread it through one sleeve of a victims shirt or top, then give them a pretty mean wedgie and thread it through the leg holes at the back, then through the other shirt sleeve so that they are trapped, giving themselves a wedgie by their own shirt, and just to make it even more embarassing they look kind of like a scarecrow

Semi-Atomic Front to Back Semi-Atomic Melvin and Semi-Atomic Wedgie at the same time. Effect: victim is now immobilized. Any movements using the legs result in extreme pain. Submitted by Lucus.

Semi-Atomic Melvin The front of underwear is pulled up as far as it can go. Then the fabric that is directly beneath the waistband is ripped. Then the elastic should be able to stretch far enough to fit over the victim's head. The victim's head should poke through the hole that was created by partially ripping the underwear. Pull the waistband and hook it underneath the victim's ears. Submitted by Lucus.

Semi-Atomic Wedgie The back of underwear is pulled up as far as it can go. Then the fabric that is directly beneath the waistband is ripped. Then the elastic should be able to stretch far enough to fit over the victim's head. The victim's head should poke through the hole that was created by partially ripping the underwear. The waistband goes into the mouth so that there is no strangling and so that the victim can't yell or talk. Submitted by Lucus.
Shoulder Wedgie Where the sides of the underwear are pulled over the shoulders.

Side Wedgie Only effectively accomplished with two people, the Side Wedgie has one person on either side of the victim who is about to get wedgied. Each person grabs the vistim's elastic and pulls at the sides, which effectively wedges up both the front and the back of the undies.

Slave Wedgie This is sort of a spin- off of the propellor wedgie. Take the bar- through the legholes. Now pull up, and keep pulling up as hard and high as you can-- try to get the bar so you can set it on your shoulders. When you're finished w/ the wedgie, release the bar. Submitted by Andyman287

Snug Wedgie Person is to be wedgied in smallest underwear they can fit in

Squeaky Clean This is a really painful technique. First the receiver is given a normal wedgie. Once the underpants are firmly wedged in the person's butt crack, the giver turns them around and gives them a Melvin. Not only does this hurt at the front, but when the underpants pull back through the butt crack it burns like hell. This process is repeated several times, normally until the receiver starts crying. This has to be done when the victim is wearing pants, otherwise the underpants don't stay in the crack too well between turns. There are variations where the victim is lifted of the ground with each re-wedge/re-Melvin, and one where two people alternate giving a wedgie and giving a Melvin in a kind of see-saw motion.

Suicide Wedgie The victim must first be somewhere high (but not too high!) like up a small tree, they then tie their underwear to something secure and JUMP
Superman Wedgie Another wedgie that requires two or more people. The person is given a wedgie while lying down and then lifted off the floor and "flown" around the room with their arms out in the style of superman.

Suspension Bridge Wedgie Coming Soon

Swirl Wedgie The swirl wedgie requires two or more people, unless you happen to be strong enough to whip some girl around while pulling up their underwear. A swirl wedgie is just a normal wedgie, but once you have pulled the underwear up you have to spin the person around, thus making the wedgie much worse and more painful
Tarzan Wedgie Like a shoulder wedgie except just done on one side

Tying Wedgie You give the person an atomic wedgie. However, you don't put it over their least not at first. You tie their hands behind their back with their underwear. This is really painful, but fun to watch/give. Submitted by Eric

Ultimate Creamer Tie the receiver down. Squirt shaving foam down the back of the underwear. And use something to make it foam easier. Then Put a Full Pepsi can face up in the front. Put a wintergreen lifesaver in. This causes it to foam, until all the coke is gone. While foaming, wedgie time! Submitted by Tigger.

Ultimate Piledriver This is the same as a piledriver, but the wedgier bends his knees until their on the ground. This makes it so they are sitting on the victim's head, with the victim having their face on their feet.
Underwater Bathing Suit Wedgie This wedgie is given to a swimmer while they're swimming and their swimsuit is pulled way up their crack.

Utterly Undies Wedgie in nothing but underwear

Vampire Wedgie A Wedgie done with the teeth

Vampire Self Wedgie The person getting the wedgie must first give themself a frontal wedgie then grip the waistband of their panties in their teeth

Wedgie (Normal) Grab underwear from the back and pull up.

Wedgie Bun Give person normal wedgie. Gather elastic band as tight as you can. Then tie the band to the person's belt loop on their pants in a knot. Gives a constant wedgie and is fun to watch them try to get the knot and wedgie out.
Wedgie War !!! A mass wedgie fight usually started by someone in a group giving a wedgie whilst shouting "Wedgie War!"

Wet Willy Wedgie

Here's a way to bring on a wedgie. Do a wet willy in both ears. Most people will lift their shirt up to clean them out. Now if they are wearing gym shorts, pants them and give them a big fat wedgie.

X-Rated Wedgie When a girl gets a Wedgie that dissapears completely at the front - kind of an extreme cameltoe

Yes-man Wedgie A Wedgie that is then used to make the victim do or say something, like "I love wedgies" or "I will be a wedgie slave for the rest of the day"

Qwerty Wedgie The victim is made to type with their arms though their leg holes
Please comment soon! I'll be waiting!
PS: if you want to do any others that are creative and don't hurt any of my underwear, then give them to me!
PPS: If you like to give wedgies, and you live in Vancouver WA, then you can come and visit and wedgie me until I am screaming for mercy! You can even go beyond that if you like!!! PLEASE!!! I WANT THE PAIN!!!